My Toxin-Free Bathroom: Part 3 (The Shower)

Once upon a time (about 3.5 months ago), I showed you all the hidden gems under my bathroom sink. It's been a long time since I've fired up the laptop to show you what all fills the spaces of my toxin-free bathroom- the why it took me so long is a story for another day- BUT, … Continue reading My Toxin-Free Bathroom: Part 3 (The Shower)

Trusting God & Other Painful Things

I am incredibly stubborn. I am also incredibly human. As I am both stubborn and human, trusting God's plan is NOT my strong suit. Sometimes He has to take drastic measures to get my attention and make me slow down... Like the muscle tear I have in my lower back. Yup, I got injured. And … Continue reading Trusting God & Other Painful Things